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The ability to generate and print 1099s is only available in QuickBooks Online Plus. To get information about upgrading, see KB 3377.

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1099 vendor is not showing on the list or showing the correct amounts: Take a moment to double-check that you’ve followed the proper set-up steps by clicking this link.
1099 reports show a lower amount than I have calculated
When I try to delete an account, I get an error that it’s connected to 1099s.
The bottom half of my 1099 form is misaligned.
Current year 1099 misc form is missing: During typical year-end season, this will probably not be applicable. It’s only when you might be looking for the form earlier in the year before QBO makes it available.
When choosing vendors, my list is blank and there’s nothing to select.
I need to print a 1099 for someone who doesn’t meet the threshold.

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Why is a 1099 vendor not showing on the list or showing the correct amounts?

Double check that both of these tasks have been taken care of to have your vendor payments tracked correctly in the Prepare 1099-MISC Forms screen:

You’ve selected the vendor as a 1099 vendor.
You’re tracking these payments to the vendor in an account associated with a box from the 1099-MISC form.

If you’re not sure, you can take a look at both of these settings on the Prepare 1099-MISC Forms screen.

Selecting a vendor as a 1099 vendor:

Choose Vendors from the menu on the left
Click Prepare 1099
Click Set up Vendors and Accounts.
Click Select Vendors.
You can type the vendor name or click to select the Vendors you’d like to track for 1099 purposes and then click Add.
Names you’ve selected should now show in the list on the right.
Once all vendors have been selected, click OK.

Now, you’ll land back on the Prepare 1099s MISC Forms page:

Click Assign Accounts.
Click to mark the 1099 box(es) you’re going to use.
Click on the drop-down menu on the right.
Select the appropriate account, or if you use more than one account, scroll to the top of the list and click Select Multiple.
If you Select Multiple:
–Under Select from List, highlight the appropriate accounts and click Add >.
Note: If subaccounts were used you must pick those specific accounts and not the parent account.
Once you have all the appropriate accounts listed under Include in 1099 Box, click OK.
Click OK.

If you’re not sure what accounts should be assigned, run a Transaction List by Vendor Report.

Choose Reports
Search for Transaction List by Vendor, run the report and click Customize.
Set Date Range to Last Year (or Last Calendar Year ).
Click Change Columns; this will bring up the Select and Rearrange Columns window..
Under Available Columns select Split.
Click Add >.
Click OK.
Scroll down to the Lists section and set Vendor: to Select Multiple; this will bring up Select Vendors to Include in Report:
Under Select from List, select the 1099 vendors who are in question (you can hold down the CTRL key to select multiple names at one time).
Click Add >.
Click OK.
Click Run Report. Look under the Splits column for what accounts the vendor’s transactions were tied to. If you see the word -SPLIT-, click on the transaction to see details on what accounts were affected. If this is a Bill Payment, access the Bill itself to see what expense accounts were affected.

If the amounts don’t seem correct, here are some things to check:

The payments must meet or exceed the threshold for the box. In the Prepare 1099-MISC Forms screen, look at the top of the Preview 1099 and 1096 Information section to see the dollar amount in parentheses under the Box number at the top of the column. Check to make sure that these amounts exceed the threshholds for the box.
Make sure the correct Tax Year is selected in the Preview 1099 and 1096 Information section. When you open the Prepare 1099-MISC Forms screen you will see a drop-down menu for Tax Year under the Company Information box.
If this is a bill payment it might not be attached to the bill. Here’s how to fix that:
Click the Plus (+) icon and click Pay Bills.
Mark the option Show all bills and set Show Location to – All Locations –
If shown, click to mark the Bill. If the payment is outstanding, you’ll see the full amount of the payment shown in the Credits column leaving the remainder in the Amt to Pay column. Adjust the Amt to Pay as needed; for example, if you only wish to apply the credit change Amt to Pay to 0.
Click Pay Bills…
Now the payment will show in the 1099 list.
If you’re still not seeing the correct information double-check that the payments were assigned to a vendor and not to an employee.
If the vendor was paid by credit card – those will be reported on a 1099K form submitted by the payment processor. See KB 4785 for more information.

Here’s a link to our in-product Help topic on assigning 1099 accounts: Assigning accounts for 1099

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Why are the 1099 reports showing a lower amount than I have calculated?

Your 1099 can show an amount less than you paid your vendor if you recorded the vendor payments to income or equity accounts because these two types of accounts do not flow to 1099 totals. The payments need to be recorded or edited to expense-type accounts, or you can use an asset or liability account; however, if you want to use an account other than an expense account we’d advise you to consult your accountant.

These accounts also need to be assigned for your 1099-MISC forms. For steps on how to assign accounts for 1099 purposes, click here.

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When I try to delete an account I’m getting an error that it is connected to 1099s.

In QBO you can’t delete an account that is being used to track 1099s. To delete the account you will have to take it out of the 1099 list. Here’s how:

Choose Vendors from the menu on the left
Click Prepare 1099s
Click on Assign Accounts.
If you won’t be using the 1099 box number selected, click in the box under Use to remove the check mark, then click OK.
If you need to change the assigned account, from the Account drop-down list, select the new account you will be using, then click OK.
If Select Multiple is showing in the box, click on the drop-down arrow to the right, then scroll to the top and click on Select Multiple. In the right column, click on the account to highlight it. Click Remove. Click OK, then click OK again.

You can now go back to the chart of accounts and delete the account.

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Why is my current year 1099-MISC form missing? (only applicable if outside of typical year-end season)

Make sure you’re on the QuickBooks Online Plus version. This version is the only one you can use to track 1099s.

Not sure what version you have? Here’s how to check.

Once signed in to your QBO company, click the Gear Icon in the upper right, then click Your Account and look at the Billing Info tab at the Product Version. The name of the version you currently have is located there:

Need to upgrade? Check out this article to get the goods on how to do just that!

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When I’m trying to choose a vendor, my list is blank and there’s no vendors to choose from!

More than likely this is related to your QuickFill Autosuggest preference being on. To read about this setting and change the preferences, see KB 3152.

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I need to prepare and print a 1099 for a vendor even though they don’t meet the threshold

If this is the case, you’ll need to prepare that particular 1099 manually by running reports and filling in the form by hand. There’s no way to override the system and have QuickBooks Online print a 1099 for a vendor who doesn’t meet the threshold.

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