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I appreciate you reaching out to us about this and elaborating the scenario on your account. I’m here to ensure you’re able to fix these transactions in QuickBooks Online. Bang your head no more, I’ve got you covered!


A credit memo offsets the existing balance on a buyer’s account to reduce the total, and you create a refund receipt if your customer receives the actual money back for the original purchase. Though they affect the customer’s balance, it won’t do the same thing on the invoice unless it is manually applied.


In your case, creating a credit memo is also a good option since there’s another payment made for the same item using check. It’s possible that the status of the invoice is still paid, which is why you can’t link the credit memo.


You’d need to unapply the original payment from the invoice by deleting it and applying the new one. Here are steps to guide you through:

  1. Go to Sales in the left panel, then Customers.
  2. Locate the name of the customer you want to edit.
  3. Look for the original payment and open it.
  4. Click More at the bottom and select Delete.
  5. Pick Yes.

Once you’re back in the customer’s transaction list page, you’ll now be able to apply the credit memo. To do so:

  1. From the customer’s transaction list page, look for the invoice.
  2. Click the Receive payment link.
  3. In the Receive Payment screen, you should see an Outstanding Transactions and Credits sections.
  4. Put check marks in the Invoice and Credit Memo.
  5. Click Save and Close. (see screenshot below)

For additional reference, check out this article:


Apply a credit memo, credit or refund to a customer


That should do it! You are now set to link these transactions.


If you have questions with the process, don’t hesitate to leave me a message below. I’ll keep my eye out for your response.



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Resolution for Issue 'A client paid for an invoice via credit card and then months later paid by check. I refunded the credit card and now the original payment is showing' available: Yes (Solved).
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