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“I have set up the accounts following the interview process, and picked medical provider.”

Okay, but now you go add, delete, rename, and refine everything.

“I have set up just one payment method “Insurance” to use for all the different insurance companies.”

Okay; that is up to you. I teach it like this: You cannot report what you did not Track.

“I also have set up a different class for each different insurance company, thinking that in the future I may want to look at sales sliced by different insurance.”

Class is not meant for this. Class is your own Divisional or Departmental or Location tool. This would be, for example P&L by Class, when you offer services for General Public Vs Institutional clients; or your Los Angeles Vs your San Francisco office. Or you and I are partners, so everything is Class Tracked as to who brought it in, incurred it, etc.

I think you will like changing that concept to Customer Type. Set up the insurance companies. When you add a customer (patient), assign their Type = insurer. Now you can run Sales by Type.

“What I find underwhelming is the Accounts Receivable interface; it’s like a ledger.”

Then perhaps you are not using it correctly.

It IS a Register but a Virtual one. you don’t work in it much.

“I’m doing this for my wife who is the therapist, and I’m used to the Quickbooks interface setup for a wholesale and retail business I run.”

It’s the SAME.

“The latter matches more closely real life documents, so it’s more intuitive and immediate to use. By contrast the A/R interface i get when I click on statement charges is clunky, and not very intuitive.”

Statement Charges are a direct posting to AR, bypassing Invoices. Statement Charges cannot use Items that Calculate (no discounts or markups) because that requires the listing on a form. A calculating item works on the item above it. For instance, I am in Montana. We do NOT have Sales Taxes, so I can use Statement Charges just fine.

“I thought that perhaps there is a different type of business I could pick in the interview (instead of medical provider), ”

Really, that whole interview is pretty meaningless. It sets your Preferences, which you need to review and refine. It sets some accounts and items, which you need to review and refine. Now that you have a data file, Everything is under your control.

“that had a better interface”

There is no Better or Different Interface. This is the same in All QB programs.

You need to go through Preferences; there are about 200 settings here, that you need to control.

“for charges to multiple clients”

Charges to “multiple clients” still is One Client at a time. You have Premier; you might like Batch Invoicing for a listing, but it still is each customer on the list, same Charge item and rate = Batch.

If you are using Enter Statement Charge, you are working in the AR Register directly. You enter for a customer, then select a different customer.

Or, use Timesheet to track Billable services, and then you can use the icon at the top of the AR Register for Add Time & Costs.

Or, Invoice from a List of Charges = a table; you checkmark ALL at once. You can see this in your sample file “Product_based” which is a Construction file. You can play around in it with ALL the same functions, to see how the functions work.

“and payments from two sources for the same client.”

Payments are still processed One at a time. Nothing allows you to Combine and yet allocate separately. This is no different than your other company data file. Receive Payment is used for Invoices or Statement Charges = apply to open charges.

If you are already familiar with QB, this won’t be that different for you. Think of a large roll-around tool box. We don’t Always reach for the torque wrench, but it is always there, and sometimes that is the right or only tool for the job.

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