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In order to increase the level of security around viewing credit card numbers in the product, you now will be required to answer your security question to edit customer’s credit card information.

This covers anywhere you can edit customer’s credit card information as follows:

Customer Section
Receive Payment
Sales Receipt
Refund Receipt
Invoice (when it includes a deposit)

Our system will track if you’ve answered this question during the current session. That way you only have to answer the question once during a login session.

Note: A login session is the period of time between login and logout. If you move computers or get logged out, you will be required to answer the question again. QuickBooks Online will automatically log you out after a preset time period of inactivity.

If you need to initiate or update your security question:

Log in to QuickBooks Online and click the Gear icon at the top of the page. Choose Your Account.
Under Personal Info, click the Edit Personal Information button.
At the bottom of the page, next to Change Security Question, click Get confirmation code.
Retrieve the email from [email protected] and copy/paste or manually enter the security code into the Confirmation Code box.
Enter your password, new security question and new answer.
Click Save Changes.

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