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Here is what I tell my students about starting a new company in QuickBooks:

1. Do NOT select the Quick Start and select a company type. Set one up on your own. You know your bank account which you can add without a beginning balance. You know your equity account, again with no beginning balance. Enter the bare minimum to get QB started.

2. Enter your customers, vendors and accounts as you need them. The Quick Start will add accounts you will never use, not add accounts you use and not provide any information about them. One of the nice features of QB is it allows you to add customers, vendors, others, accounts, items, tax codes, etc. on the fly without having to abandon what you are doing to add them.

3. Enter a journal entry to set your beginning balances per the prior books trial balance. You will need to add existing invoices and bills.

4. If you think you will use a transaction again, memorize it. That maintains consistency, so all your bills from your internet provider will be expensed to the same account.

5. Delete all the memorized reports. QB, for some reason, memorizes all the standard reports. Memorize any reports you have to customize. It can save hours trying to recreate that report you liked from six months ago.

Since you have customers and vendors, you can easily export the lists from the old company and import them into the new company. If your chart of accounts is pretty good, you can do the same with that.

I have cleaned up so many QuickBooks data files with tens of accounts with no activity, hundreds of customers and vendors with no activity.

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