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“Unfortunately, I’m deathly afraid of screwing up my accounting to the extent that I’m considering just doing it all in Excel.”

One of my clients teaches Lactation Consultants = teach the teacher. It is the same as what you are asking. They use Customer name = Event Year; Job Name = event location; Subjob = actual attendee.

“I am going to host a training event, “Chicago-2016″”

Customer Name, or Class Name, or even Both for your reporting purposes.

“Bob, Mary and Tim all register for the workshop and are separately billed for the cost of the workshop $500 each.”

It is up to you if you want them as Customers, because they tend to attend more than one; for instance, Lactation Consultants need to stay Current with CEU and Certification classes = customer name, not Job under a “customer = event” for this reason alone.

“I need to get some printing and reproduction done for the workshop
I will need a hotel for room and to pay the hotel for event rental
I may have transportation costs associated with the workshop.”

Exactly. That is why the initial response from James is not bad, but not Functional enough to meet your needs. Instead of just one expense, you will have Lots.

“What I want Quickbooks to do is to generate a report that will detail income (from Bob, Mary and Tim), expenses (from printing, hotel, space rental and transportation) and, at the bottom line will show me the profit or loss for that workshop only.”

Yes, I will attach examples of this from a construction file; the Same concept = By Column, as Class or as Customer, is what you are asking for. Items = what you make, do, sell, charge, buy, or buy and sell. Customer or job are somewhat synonymous = Job Tracking. Class = divisional reporting. If you do this right, P&L by Class and P&L by Job might even be equivalent. Also, P&L and Job Reporting should be an exact match, and you can see this in my attachment for Job Comparison. P&L is account-based; Job reporting is Item-based.

“It sounds simple to me, but I’ll be darned if I can figure it out.”

It just takes a bit of setup and then, tracking those details that matter. Every good Construction file and Not For profit uses this.

You can set up Two Sided items or just the single account link is Expense for you, so that the Postage and Printing and Lodging are entered into your Items tab of Purchases and you also Job Track (and/or Class track) that detail, as Not Billable. This will not be reimbursement as revenue stream but you Do want to track this as a direct cost for that Cross-reference.

“I am using Quickbooks Premier Professional Services Edition 2016.”

I also support an International Choral Festival that happens every 3 years. That means the event has Long planning times, and income and expense happen over long periods = Class Tracking by Year of event. Revenue comes from Sponsors, grants, ticket and tshirt sales, so the Expense items are Not Billable for entry purposes.

I recommend the book Running QB for Not For Profits, if you want a better explanation of each detail. You have the same use.

Open Help and search on Class Tracking and search on Job Cost Tracking.


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