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Can someone from QuickBooks please assist in advising how do I purchase for my client a legal desktop version of QuickBooks. In Jamaica most small businesses prefer the desktop versions which are not available on Intuit website. Can you also send me a full comparison of all the desktop versions including Enterprise. What is the additional cost of support from QuickBooks if the customer choose Pro or Premier?

Intuit offers several accounting products for downloading depending on how your business works. Click this link for a comparison of different Desktop products and services we offer: Choose your QuickBooks Desktop product


Here, you can ensure you’re subscribing to the right kind of service for your client’s business type […]


Is there a way to inactivate customers and/or inventory items in Quickbooks Enterprise without doing them one by one? Our business generates a large number of one-time inventory items and do not have many repeat customers. This creates a lot of customers and inventory items that will not be used again. We are looking for an easier way to inactivate the customers and items when the customer job is complete.

At this time, we can only inactivate customers and inventory items one at a time. But I’ve got a workaround for you that you might consider.


You can put an mark for the customers and inventory items you want to inactivate. Let me guide you through the steps.


Here’s how to inactivate customers […]


I am trying to turn off unbilled expenses. I noticed that we have 2 years’ worth at a value of 2.4 million. I am not sure why they are showing as unbilled because we are billing the items (parts) to the customer accounts via invoicing. Originally we had no idea that this was accumulating and I am not sure why they did in the first place. I plan on unchecking the boxes but going forward would like to know how to stop this from happening.

I appreciate the details you’ve provided. I’m here to share information about the billable expense in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


Adding or linking a billable expense to an invoice should remove them from the unbilled expenses. Since they’re still showing as unbilled, instead of unchecking them one by one, you can pull up the Unbilled Costs […]


Hi! Please help. I’m at my wit’s end. I’ve called support upwards of 10 times and each time I get a different answer. I’m in manufacturing. Think of it as playdoh. They are sold by weight (lbs), then you extrude them so they come out as long strips of shapes. They can be thick or thin. Depending on thickness, it can affect the length of possible extrusion. For example, 1 lb of playdoh can extrude 14ft of star shape. Or 1 lb of playdoh can extrude 18 feet of heart shape. I sell the extruded product by the feet, in bulk or in kits. Bulk can be 500ft or 1000ft, etc. Kits can come in 8ft, 10ft, 200ft or 300ft, with poly bags and alcohol preps. I am unable to convert the raw material playdoh into extruded feet in UOM. Can someone please help me? No one seems to understand how to do it or if it is even possible.

You can convert the raw material into feet using the Build Assembly feature. Let’s create first an inventory item for the playdoh and use lb for the UOM.


Here’s how:


  1. Go to the Lists menu and select Item List.
  2. Click the Item tab at the bottom and select New.
  3. Select Inventory Part for your raw material and enter the Item […]

security configurations for IT audit How many passwords does QB remember before you can reuse a password How many invalid login attempts before a user is locked out? How much time will the user be locked out after the threshold is reached?

I’m here to answer your questions about passwords.


So there are some differences with passwords from an admin user to a regular user. We’ll cover both for you.


Admin user:


1. How many passwords does QuickBooks remember before you can reuse a password? You can not reuse any of your last four passwords. […]


I need to change an email address for Owner/Principal and Admin in Payroll Annual Enhanced service. My company is using QBs Pro 2017 desktop. I asked a person who is under principal and admin, but he doesn’t remember his password for login to “Manage Your Account” and an answer to reset a password. I am an authorized user for QBs, but I cannot change anything without his information. These are lists I need to do as follows: Need to reset password for Owner/Principal and Admin Need to change email addresses for Owner/Principal and Admin Need to change payment method for annual subscription Also, I have another question. Can I pay by a check for annual subscription for Intuit QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll? My company has paid by our Credit Card so far.

Changing the account credentials of the Primary Principal can be done by giving our Payroll Care Team a call. They can send a request to have this updated on our end.


I recommend having him call our phone agents to perform the change. Our representative has tools capable of pulling up […]


Our Accountant is trying to change the date format for QuickBooks Accountant Desktop 2019 on windows 10. All resources we have found state that the date format in QuickBooks is based on your windows date format. After updating the format, QuickBooks opens then crashes when attempting to open a Company file. After reverting the date format, everything works fine again. After a quick google, I have not been able to find any info on other people experiencing this. I was hoping someone here might have some insight on what the issue might be.

QuickBooks is known to work when the short date format is MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY, MM/DD/YY, or DD/MM/YY.


What date format are you attempting to use QB with?


If my client’s company was got scammed $2,500, how should I record that loss in quickbooks? Thanks!


If the company got scammed for 2500, there is no bad debt, the money is gone.


@Ethan Zhou

Create an expense account called fraud expense


Since you did not say what the payment was for, you will have to make the decision in the journal entry

debit fraud expense

credit the account that […]


Is there something you can add to a Quickbooks Online invoice where a client can mark it as approved for payment even though they may not pay it right away?

Instead of sending the invoice right away to your clients, you can send an estimate so they can review the details.

  1. Open the estimate and click Save and send.
  2. Enter the details in the Send email window and click Send and close.

Once they approve the estimate you can then