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Can anyone help with using Receipts , Expenses and Reimbursements paid via outside payroll company?

Company expenses being paid by personal credit cards by owners and workers.

Using ‘Receipts” part of QBO to keep our Receipts stored, create expenses and attach those receipts to that expense as my first step.

Receive Reimbursement Reports (with Receipts I will add individually as I think I have to to stay […]


Super Condense a large Quickbooks file

Supercondensing Quickbooks data files is now available for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Accountant versions 2007 and higher, and Enterprise 7.0 or higher. In addition to the US version, Canadian and UK versions of Quickbooks can be Super Condensed.

More Info:
Quickbooks SuperCondense


how do i enter receipts of goods that have PO’s when I only receive partial shipments? if i use recv items and i bring up the po i have to zero out all items on b/o

This is identified as a Desktop Product question.

Yes, you zero out what you did not get, to allow the program to track your Backorders. What is Fulfilled and what isn’t, is yours to track, if that matters to you.

If you have Blanket Orders, then don’t put it all on One […]


Is it good practice to add photos of checks when reviewing/matching transactions?

Allow me to share what I know about adding attachments in QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Online allows you to add attachments to make your business life easier. It gives you the freedom to access documents quickly while you’re on the go.

Adding attachments can help you:

  • Attach your receipts on the go when […]

I can’t get into QBO app for Windows. Can you help?

I assume it’s the same problem we’re having in the US.  You need to reset the app.

Click the Help menu and choose Reset App Data.


Can we extract data?

you can try opening the 2007 QBW file (or restoring the QBB file) with 2018, but chances are that the file is too old.  Usually you need to upgrade a file in 3-year steps.  You can try it (using a copy), but if you have problems you need to either […]


Should my checking register show transfers from my savings as Deposit to Uncatergorized Income? Should my savings register show as Transfer to Uncategorized Asset?

Transfers […]


I have Microsoft Edge and cannot open QuickBooks what can I do??

QB requires IE, it will not work if you do not turn on IE in win10

turn on IE in win10

Right-click the Windows menu icon and select Programs and Features
On the left, click Turn Windows features on or off.
In the list of check boxes, check Internet Explorer 11 and click OK
When […]