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how do I pay retroactive pay

There isn’t an option to retro-act your employees pay because the international version of QuickBooks doesn’t have a built-in payroll. However, you can create another check for your employee to do a back pay with the US version.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Workers menu.
  2. Select Employees.
  3. Click the Run payroll button.
  4. […]


When I enter deposits from the bank, their dates are marked as the date I entered them into quickbooks rather than the date they were actually deposited. Can I fix this?

For reconciliation purposes, any deposits you received in your bank should also be recorded in QuickBooks on the same day. If you’re matching transactions from the bank to QuickBooks, the system will always use your QuickBooks transaction date.

Since deposits were recorded on a different day, you can manually update their […]


Can i post transactions directly into the vat control account?

If you post a transaction using a QuickBooks Online VAT code these will post directly to the VAT control account and on the VAT return.


If you post a journal directly to the VAT control this will show in the VAT control account but will not post to the VAT return and […]


What is a closely held employee in regards to STP?

According to the ATO, a closely held employee is: A closely held payee is one who is not at arm’s length. This means they are directly related to the entity from which they receive payments, for […]


How do i categorize Directors contributions to the business as its showing as sales?

You should check with a cpa there in the UK.  In the US,…

You should check with a cpa there in the UK.  In the US, a director can loan money to the corporation (ltd), or buy shares of […]


can post supplier invoices which date is the past into the current period and not impact the past accounting figure?

the date on a supplier invoice, your bill, is for his accounting, your accounting should use the date you received the bill.

But yes if you back date a bill it will affect the previous periods