QB Issue Resolution:

Certain settings must be configured for Internet Explorer to work with our products and services.

If not set up correctly the following problems may occur:

Blank page displayed or navigation to web page cancelled
Error when connecting or performing web based connections
QuickBooks connectivity issues
Data missing or web pages incorrectly loading
Other internet based connection issues

NOTE: Be sure to restart your computer if you are having problems accessing web-based features. Sometimes this may solve simple connectivity issues and should also be performed if the changes made below fail to apply.

REMEMBER: Regardless of the default browser settings, QuickBooks will always use Internet Explorer for internet connections.
Detailed instructions
Operate Internet Explorer in Compatibility View

Open your Internet Explorer browser window and click on the Compatibility View icon (the one that looks like a broken page) -or- go to the Tools drop down in the upper left next to File, Edit, etc.

(Alternately you can press [ALT] [T] to access the Tools option). If nothing happens right click anywhere between the address bar and the actual webpage and select Menu Bar (make it checked).

The settings window appears. Check the Display all websites in Compatibility View box and click Close.

NOTE: Alternatively, pressing the [F12] key on the keyboard while in Internet Explorer also allows you to access the developer tool section (at the top or bottom of the browser page) where you can also change the compatibility view. Click on the Browser Mode option at the top of this section and choose IE 8.

Your new version of Internet Explorer will now be compatible with web-based connections to QuickBooks payments.
Changing the Internet Explorer options

Open Internet Explorer.
Go to the Tools drop-down or icon.
Click on Internet Options.

The following items will be available to change from here.
Add Intuit to the Trusted Sites

Click the Security tab in the Internet Options window.
Select Trusted Sites from the Select a zone to view or change security settings section.
Click the Sites button.
In the Add this website to the zone field, enter https://*.intuit.com and click Add.
Repeat for https://*.quickbooks.com.
Click Close, then click Ok in the Internet Options window.
Restart Internet Explorer to complete the changes.

Pop-up Settings

Select the Privacy tab.
Click on the Advanced button to bring up the Advanced Cookie Options window.
Place a check-mark in the Override Automatic Cookie Handling box.
Confirm that Accept is selected for First-Party and Third-Party cookies.
Place a check-mark in the Always Allow Session Cookies box.
Click OK to close this window.
If there is a Pop-up Blocker section, be sure this item is unchecked. We use security pop-ups to inform you of actions regarding the transaction and they must be allowed for the process to work correctly.

Click the OK button to save these settings.

NOTE: Once payments account access is completed and has been added to the pop-up settings, you can change these settings back to default if necessary.
Security Settings

Select the Security tab.
Click Internet as the zone to change.
Click Custom Level and the Security Settings – Internet Zone dialog box appears.
Scroll to ActiveX Controls and Plugins and enable (or set to Prompt) the following items:

Binary and script behaviors
Download signed ActiveX controls
Run ActiveX Controls and Plugins
Script ActiveX Controls Marked Safe for Scripting

Click OK to save your settings and exit the Security Settings – Trusted Sites Zone dialog box.

Advanced Settings

With Internet Options open, select the Advanced tab.
In the Settings box, scroll down to Security, and uncheck Do not save encrypted pages to disk.
Click OK to save all settings changes and close Internet Options.


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