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Instead of making a customer inactive or archiving them, you simply “delete” the customer name. This is not a permanent deletion. Below are steps to delete and restore a customer.

Once a customer is deleted, they are removed from the customer center and other places where you could previously find them. If the customer has transactions, they remain part of your company data and you can find them through reports. Keep in mind when deleting a parent customer the sub-customers will also be deleted.

If a customer has a balance when deleted, QuickBooks Online will automatically add an adjusting entry to make the customer balance $0.00. If this is unwanted, make sure the customer has a zero balance before deleting them from the customer list.

To delete a customer:

Choose Customers.
Click on the appropriate Customer’s name on the scrollable list at the left.
Click Edit next to the customer name.
Click the Make inactive button at the lower left of the window.
Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

To restore a customer:

Choose Customers.
At the top of the customer list at the left, click the small gear to select Include inactive.
Click the customer you wish to restore; inactive customers will be noted as (deleted).
Click the Make active button next to the customer name.

There are two alternatives to deleting the customer from the list.

Create a “Collection Point” for Inactive Customers. You can make one customer the “collection point” for all inactive customers:
Create a customer called ZZZ – Inactive.
From the Customer Edit screen, designate the inactive customer as a SubCustomer of the ZZZ-Inactive. The customer you moved will remain on your customer list but will be on the bottom of the list.
Merge Customers. Merging customers is useful if you’ve been using two similar customers and want to see them represented by a single customer name. The process of merging deletes one customer and reassigns all its data to another customer. To do this, you must delete the customer’s statements first.
Choose Customers.
Make sure that the customers you wish to merge are at the same sub-level. If they’re not, edit one of the customers to make it be at the same sub-level.
Select the customer whose name you don’t want to use.
Click Edit next to the customer name.
Change the customer’s Display Name so that it is the same as the other customer.
Click Save.
Click Yes to confirm that you want to merge the two customers.

Important: Merging customers is irreversible. Customers with statements cannot be merged.

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