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It matters if your bank processes one ACH for the paydate, or will create individual entries in your account, seen on the statement. Bookkeeping matches reality.

I set up a Schedule for those employees paid by DD. You don’t use handwritten checks. You still go through the Payroll process. Segregate the DD people from the Printing Paycheck people.

If your bank uses an ACH template ending with one total from your checking account, then in QB, create a new bank account and name it Payroll Clearing. Run the DD payroll and “pay from” this account. Now, this account has the details and is running negative. Post a Deposit TO this account, and FROM checking. This Payroll Clearing account ends with a balance of 0, every time, if you did this correctly. Reconcile it to 0.

If your ACH process is going to be one paycheck at a time, but electronically, seen in your statement as individual entries, then this still is Paychecks, paid from Checking, but you can use Assign Check #. I put in DD1 and QB increments from there.

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