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You need to review your operations with your own CPA, if you intend to do your own Bookkeeping. They will help you learn what is Expenditure as Asset, or COGS or general operating Expense. That is important for You to know, not us. And your Tax Entity Type also matters. Get the tax form this entity files; there is the Accounting reference for your chart of accounts.


For using QB, I would do “Job Tracking” like this:


The Mother is a Customer Name. The Litter is Job Name, subcustomer. There are Fields, so you can assign Job Type as Sire. Then, if you need to track costs specifically allocated to each animal, that is called Job Tracking. When you Sell that little one, you will Edit Job name and fill in the real owner address info and list this name for the Sales Receipt, top Left = Customer and Job (the puppy) and Name and Address = the Buyer/Owner. Now you have all the record keeping. You also have Account #, if you need to track AKC info, for example. You can use Job Type and Customer Type, such as:


Customer Type = mother is a German Shepherd or Collie (breed), and Subtype can even be Toy or Miniature and Subsubtype can be Longhair or Wirehair. Now the puppies listed under the Mother are able to be reported on by using, for instance, List report, for Puppy name, mother name, sire, breed and size and other conformation issues.


Customer type and Job Type allow for 5 levels, each.


And then you can use that in reporting: How many Collie puppies did we sell in each of the last 5 years? How many of them were sired by Rover and which mothers (customer name)?

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