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I appreciate the screenshots you’ve provided. By following the steps below, you’ll be able to disable the online banking on your QuickBooks for Mac.


Solution 1: Re-sort lists:


  1. Create a backup of your company file.
  2. Re-sort lists.
  3. If you still can’t deactivate bank feeds, verify and rebuild your data.

After that, make sure to clear all the transactions on the account before merging them.


Solution 2: 


  1. Create a backup of your company file.
  2. Rename the original account.
    1. Go to the Lists menu, then select Chart of Accounts.
    2. Highlight the account, then select edit ✎.
    3. Add an asterisk (*) to the end of the account name.
  3. Deactivate bank feeds for the account.
    1. While on the Edit Account window, select Online Settings.
    2. From the Download transactions ▼ drop-down, select Not enabled.
    3. Select OK.
  4. Create a new account.
    1. Select create +.
    2. From the Type ▼ drop-down, select Bank.
    3. In the Account Name field, enter the original name.
    4. Complete the account information, then select OK.
  5. Merge the original and the new account.
    1. Highlight the original account, then select the edit ✎.
    2. Remove the asterisk (*) from the name, then select OK.
    3. Confirm that you want to merge the accounts.

The merged account’s bank feeds should now be deactivated. To make sure, there shouldn’t be a blue circle beside it.


If you’re still getting the same issue you can check out this article for Solution 3Can’t deactivate Bank Feeds for an account.


Also, I’m including these articles for your future references:


As always, you can contact our customer care agents if you’d like someone to be with you as you go through these steps. They can pull up your account in a secure environment and assist you further.


  1. Go to: https://help.quickbooks.intuit.com/en_US/contact.
  2. Choose your QuickBooks Product.
  3. Select your QuickBooks version.
  4. On the Contact Us page, click a topic.
  5. Click on the Get Phone Number button to see the support number.

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