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Expense Reports and Expense Tracking
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QuickBooks Online does not have a robust Expense Reports/Tracking feature, but you can make the employee a vendor to be reimbursed. Then you can Enter a Bill for that employee as a vendor. For more details on this see our related article 1152, How do I handle expense reports?

If these does not meet your needs, there are some Third-Party options that might help. Two of the more popular products is listed below. To check our full list of Third-Party application, go to http://marketplace.intuit.com/v2/v-qb_online/software-solutions.aspx

ExpensAble integrates with QuickBooks Online to allow users to track business expenses and run expense reports. ExpensAble streamlines expense reporting and management. It is designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses to document and organize expenses for reimbursement, record keeping, billing, and taxes.

The ExpensAble Web site has a custom Solution Builder feature to help you find a solution to meet your expense management needs.

For more information:

See: http://www.expensable.com/

Call: (888) 536-6200

E-mail: [email protected]


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