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You are going to get several different ways to approach this issue.  I do not use sync, I prefer to control the accounting entries in QB.

I use a third party POS, and that POS handles sales and inventory, so in QB I post totals for both sales and cost leaving the detials in the POS software.

We also use square and I have the daily sales slips sent to a gmail account I set up.  Square sends each sales slip and then at the end of the day it sends a sales summary for that day.  First thing next morning Square sends an email showing the amount deposited to my bank.

I use those two emails to make one entry in QB which posts income, sales tax, and merchant fee in one transaction, then I make the deposit.

I convert the two emails, total sales and amount deposited, to a pdf and file in my paperless records.  I do not save in any way the actual charge slips that have the customer signature and data – I leave that to square to maintain.

In the store I have a script I wrote that (at the end of the day) moves a copy of the POS data base file to a google drive folder.  In my home office I wrote another script that moves the google drive copy to the working directory for the same POS sotware on my computer so I can run what ever reports I need.

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