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QuickBooks Working Files
File Extension Stands for Function
*.QBW QuickBooks file format The QBW format is associated with Intuit QuickBooks software. It uses QBW files to store financial data, templates, letters, logos, and images for a company.
*.QBB QuickBooks Backup file format QBB files are backups of QBW files which store a companies financial records, templates, logos, letters and images.

QuickBooks portable file Compressed version of the QuickBooks company file. *.QBM files are ideal for sharing because of the smaller file size.
*.QBI QuickBooks Image file The *.QBI file “holds” transactions that have been written until they are posted to the hard drive
*.QBR QuickBooks Report template When you export the template for a memorized report, QuickBooks saves the file with a .QBR extension.
*.CNT Help File Contents Help file used in QuickBooks for Windows 5.0 and later
*.DES Layout designer template export file QuickBooks provides a variety of templates that you can use for your forms
*.v30 QuickBooks v 3.0 backup file When user of QuickBooks for Windows 3.0 upgrades to a later version. This file may be copied or renamed with extension “QBB” to be restored into the user’s current version of QuickBooks.
*.QBO QuickBooks Online Bank Statement File This type of file contains an electronic bank statement downloaded from a financial institution’s website.
*.INI Initialization File Is a config log file for QuickBooks.
*.LGB Little Green Box Is related to an SDK log file for QuickBooks.
*.QWC QuickBooks Web Connector This file contains encrypted information about 3rd party applications integrated with QuickBooks
*.QBP QuickBooks Print file
Accountant Files
File Extension Stands for Function
*.AIF Accountant’s copy Import File Created when Accountant’s copy is exported; to be used for importing into user’s company file
*.QBA QuickBooks Accountant copy working file File used for accountant’s review
*.QBA.TLG Transaction log file for the Accountant’s copy When you back up an accountant’s review copy, QuickBooks starts a log of transactions that you’ve entered since the last time you backed up. In case of accidental loss of data, Intuit Technical Support can use your most recent backup in conjunction with the transaction log file to recover your data
*.QBX Accountant’s review copy (export file) Backup made for Accountant’s copy of user’s company file. When Accountant restores this, it is an Accountant’s Copy of the file.
*.QBY Accountant’s copy import file. When your accountant is finished making changes in an Accountant’s Copy, he or she provides you with a .QBY file to be imported into your company file.
Payroll Files
File Extension Stands for Function
*.1PA Files used to create forms 940 and 941 (Quickbooks for Windows 4.0 through QuickBooks 2004)
*.QPD QuickPay data file Created by QuickPay version 3.0
*.TXT & *.SET QuickPay data files Used in QuickPay version 2.0/2.1
Prddesvr.exe, Product.fam, Perwin95.ini, Perrval.dll These files are used for printing 940/941 forms.
Taxtbl.usa integrated payroll tax table file
Qpconvrt.log File is created/updated when a user upgrades to integrated payroll from QuickBooks with QuickPay. Contains any informational/warning messages logged during conversion.
Utility & Log Files
File Extension Stands for Function
*.AVI Audio Video Interleave A multimedia format that contains both audio and video data in a file. This is used in QuickBooks for “Show Me” files
*.IIF Intuit Interchange Format file May be created for importing lists and/or transactions
*.ND QuickBooks Network Data File
*.RTP Used for auto-patch
*.TLG Transaction log file Keeps track of changes to the file since the last backup.
*.WAV Sound Advice files (used in CD versions of QuickBooks)
*.Qbwin.log File is created/updated when a user runs verify and/or rebuild. Logs problems found/situations corrected
*.QBBackup.tmp File created during failed online or scheduled backup with date and time stamp. Cannot be used to restore data.
*.Temp1234.qbt File created during pass 1 of rebuild, and deleted automatically when rebuild is completed.
*.QBSDK.log Logs for QuickBooks errors, and other services errors for such as web connectors.
*.QWC.log Logs for Web Connector errors and process.
*.SyncManagerLogger.log Logs for Sync errors and activities.
*.ECML Stores installation license, and registration data
Intuit Statement Writer
File Extension Stands for Function
*.QSM ISW Statement file
*.QSS ISW Appearance file
*.QST ISW Template file
Fixed Asset Manager
x will vary based on version i.e. QuickBooks 14.0 = F30
File Extension Stands for Function
*.Fx0 Compressed FAM data file. Stores asset data
*.Fx1 Stores system data
*.Mx0 Header file
*.FPx Stores report data
*.FXR FAM backup sync log file
*.FIM Stores CSV import data headers
Fixed Asset Manager Data files have a specific naming convention followed by each version of QuickBooks

QuickBooks 9.0 = F80
QuickBooks 10.0 = F90
QuickBooks 11.0 = F00
QuickBooks 12.0 = F10
QuickBooks 13.0 = F20
QuickBooks 14.0 = F30


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