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Finding and bookmarking the sign-in page
Answer ID: 1047

Tired of typing in this address every time? You can bookmark our sign-in page in your favorites list! After it’s bookmarked, you’ll also be able to create a desktop icon.

Add to Favorites (Bookmark):

Sign in at https://qbo.intuit.com
If you’re using a PC, press Ctrl + D on your keyboard; if you’re using a Mac, press Command + D on your keyboard.
Click Done or Add (depending on your browser).

The next time you want to sign back in, choose QuickBooks Online Sign in from your browser’s Bookmarks or Favorites menu.

Add a Desktop Icon:

Resize your browser window so you can see your computer desktop and the browser window on the same screen.
Click the site icon next to where the URL is shown.
While still holding the mouse button down, drag the icon to the desktop and then release the mouse button.
The shortcut will be created on your desktop.

Your new shortcut won’t have the QuickBooks logo, but you’ll know it by its name: QuickBooks Online.

NOTE: For MacBook – their name for shortcut is Alias. Once selected, click File and Make Alias to get your shortcut.

Still having trouble accessing our sign in page? Contact a customer care agent by going to http://quickbooksonline.intuit.com/support.cfm.

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Answer ID 1047
Products QuickBooks Online Simple Start (H)
QuickBooks Online Essentials (H)
QuickBooks Online Plus (H)
Categories Unable to Login
Date Created 11/13/2006 12:30 PM
Date Updated 05/16/2014 09:49 AM
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Resolution for Issue 'Finding and bookmarking the sign-in page.' available: Yes (Solved).
Source: Intuit Community forum.

Finding and bookmarking the sign-in page.: this issue or error code is a known issue in Quickbooks Online (QBO) and/or Quickbooks. Support for this issue is available either by self-service or paid support options. Experts are available to resolve your Quickbooks issue to ensure minimal downtime and continue running your business. First try to resolve the issue yourself by looking for a resolution described below. If it is a complex issue or you are unable to solve the issue, you may contact us by clicking here or by using other support options.

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