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I moved your post out from the original thread so we can get some input specifically on your tablet and OS. You are definitely running a viable android OS version. Unfortunately, looking at the GoPayment site, I don’t see your Asus on the list of compatible devices. However, we might still be able to get it working.


One of the QuickBooks support team members posted these instructions for Bluetooth devices. Can you give this setup process a try?


  •  To turn on the device, press and hold the button on the side until the green light is visible.
  • Pair QB21 reader with GoPayment app (for both iOS GP app 9.0.0 and higher and Android 6.0.0 and higher):
    • Navigate to the Menu in upper-left and select Settings.
    • Choose Card Reader.
    • Select Type and switch to “Bluetooth reader“. Go back.
    • Ensure Bluetooth is turned on in the phone and QB21 device is on.
    • Select Add a new reader. This should allow the phone to detect the reader.
    • Select the Chip and Swipe reader.
    • The reader is now visible under “My Card Readers” section.
    • Return to New Payment to take a payment.
  • Process a payment using the QB21 reader:
    • Chip: insert card into front slot with the Chip facing downward, magnetic stripe facing the Payor.
    • Swipe: slide card across the slot on the back of the reader, with magnetic stripe facing the Payor.

      *Front of reader = USB slot positioned on the bottom-left hand corner.



The author also provided screenshots:



original (1).jpg



original (2).jpg


Please let me know how the results. Just thinking ahead, can you use your Iphone as the POS? Or do you need to use the tablet?

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