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“However, I am trying to clean up the books from what was done before I got there.”

If this has been used for Tax reporting, you cannot just change this data without review by and with the CPA.

“Every time I create an invoice, the billable time and costs window pops up with a multitude of items dating back 3-6 years.”

That is a completely different task. This is Status, not changing anything Financial. The system was told we would Invoice directly for these. All you need to do is use an Invoice to access “behind the scenes” like this:

Run the Unbilled Costs by Job report for the timeframe you need.

Create an Invoice for Customer 1. Select Not to bring in the billable entries from a table pop up view; you want to See them for “select from” and the best way is to use the icon at the top of this invoice for Add Time & Costs. Now you see the info here; for each tab, the field on the left is NOT where you will do your work .The unshaded column to the right = HIDE. Put a checkmark in HIDE, for the Time, Expenses, Mileage and Items tab. Nothing is Selected. Everything is HIDE. Hide = telling QB to find all of those originating transactions and change the status to Not Billable for you.

Once you HIDE everything, click OK to go back to the invoice. Hit Clear. View your Report = the customer has disappeared from that report. Pick the next customer for the invoice. Use Add Time & Costs. HIDE everything. Return to the invoice and hit Clear. Confirm on the report. Go to the third customer name. Rinse and Repeat.

“And because the payments were applied to expenses in the deposit screen, the amounts are showing up as negative numbers.”

Unbilled or not has nothing to do with the Financials. Do not create Invoices, now. You have no idea what is going to happen. You don’t need any Transactions. You need to access the HIDE function. That doesn’t really Hide; it marks them Not Billable.

Don’t create a financial mess out of a Wrong Status condition.

Resolution for Issue 'How can I clear out billable costs from prev years? No invoices were created by previous users. Pmts entered in deposit screen resulting in neg #’s in billable costs.' available: Yes (Solved).
Source: Intuit Community forum.

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