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“There is a report titled “Employee terminated list” that shows when you choose Employees & Payroll but when I choose the report settings I am not getting the right information.”

It is filtered on Last Day Worked. Perhaps a better report for you is Employee Listing, filter on Active Status, and chose Inactive only. Or, release date, or Termination Type.

“What does   AEIC  stand for within this report?”

Advanced Earned Income Credit reduced the amount withheld against income taxes, as a way to reduce the taxes taken through payroll, for an employee who qualified for Earned Income Credit on their 1040. That is why it was called Advance. It was 941 and then Minus an amount, reducing the total 941.

I think this law was repealed in 2011.

“When I go to “filters” on this report there is a blank box with AEIC next to it.”

Filters = you select something on the left, and if that filter has options, they show in the center, and your Chosen Filter and setting is seem in the far right. AEIC shows three radio buttons, in the center.

There is a NEW, blank box, above the filters list. The filters used to be in sequence by Most Frequent. Now they are Alphabetic. That empty box is where you can start to type the name of a filter, and the filters list will scroll and limit and jump to bring that into your view, quickly. For example, start entering the word: job.

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