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“If I understand you correctly the Name or number of the job, creates the date order”

The Job is the First Level of suborganization.

Then, that job’s activities are in Date order, under that Job Name, like Paragraphs.

“but this only appears to happen within “statements” and not within “ageing summary” where it is date order for example.”

Aging and Statements are Customer Name, or Job Name. You control if you are creating the statement for the Customer, or for each Job.

The AR Aging Summary report can be expended and collapsed, to reveal or hide the Job rows indented under Customer.

The statement is a Hybrid of a report of that customer’s AR activity on a template you can customize. It is similar to AR Aging Detail, for the one Customer name. But it is More presentable to the customer.

“The issue we have are complaints from our customers to whom  we may send 30 or more invoices in one month per month, and as our terms are 60 days EOM you can end up with two months mixed up as the jobs that we do may not be done consecutively, this necessitates the customers going through numerous pages to find those invoices that are due for payment.”

Then perhaps you want to run Statement per Job.

“I would have thought that if the ageing summary can be date order then so can statements.”

They perform different Functions. One is your tool as a report and one is their report. You can send them your report, filtered on only their name.

Resolution for Issue 'How can I make my statements with multiple invoices appear in date order and not by job number' available: Yes (Solved).
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