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@ jed

here is the problem, yes you can do an inventory adjustment that is back dated

to do things correctly you have to also adjust total value, the value of the beginning inventory you are adding to the current inventory for the current qty on hand

to do that the the adjustment will need to you select the account that value is coming OUT of. Even if you just do a qty adjustment, value is still taken OUT of the adjusting account you select
If you do a complicated qty only adjustment, then average cost will decrease starting the date of the adjustment, skewing COGS and profit

and if you back date to before this tax year, you change the financial reports for the previous year(s)

You would be better off just using an other charge or service item to sell the qty not on the books, and accept a 100% profit on them, or discount the sales price for that qty only – fire sale or something

Resolution for Issue 'How do i enter opening inventory quantities after the fact?' available: Yes (Solved).
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