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“so i have to run a report to figure out who’s in that traunch”

Here’s what I teach: You cannot report what you did not track. So, you have to Track this in some manner that provides the info you need as reference. Job End Date is provided. You can use other tools, of course.

“and then manually select those names and run the real report i want. One question about that – i do not see the referenced Status Report.”

Reports menu > Industry Specific reports > Contractor reports > Job Status.

Or, Reports menu > List reports, Customer Phone List. Customize. On the Display tab, deselect what you don’t need to see and select those fields you want to see. On the Header/Footer tab, retitle this, such as Job Dates Listing. Memorize it. Now you always have your own.

“I can run the report for job status = Closed, but that doesn’t tell me which jobs closed in the recent quarter.”

That’s why you need to track using Dates.

Example: When I know a job is complete, I run the final reporting; then I close the job.

“And again, I don’t want only transactions in the date range, as mentioned in your last paragraph. Our typical job lasts 6-9 months.”

Yes; mine often ran 2-2.5 years, for custom handcrafted log homes.

“I want all transactions for all jobs with End date in the selected date range. Lots of limitations in this reporting tool, apparently.”

The point is, every report has a Perspective. Status reports (list data) are not also Financial reports. You are simply using one as a reference for the other.

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