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Before you can e-file your 941, 940, and W-2s, you have to apply to the IRS for a 10-digit PIN. This can be done through QuickBooks. The IRS sends you the PIN in the US Mail, so you have to wait for it. You will have to file on paper if the 10-digit PIN does not arrive before your January 31, 2015 filing deadline.

To apply for the 10-digit PIN, go to the Payroll Center and on the File Forms tab, click Manage Filing Methods at the bottom. This will open the Payroll Setup screen, click Continue. Select the Federal Form 940 and click Edit. Select e-file as the filing method and Finish. This will change the filing method for the 940, 941, and W-2/W-3 forms at the same time. If your 10-digit PIN does not arrive in time, you can come back to this area and change the filing method back to Print & Mail.

Back on the Payroll Setup screen, you can click Enrollments on the left. Select the IRS and Edit. Click next, enter your company information. Very important: do not use punctuation marks of any kind–no commas or periods on this screen. Click Next. Enter your contact information, Next. Review the information on the screen for accuracy. Click the link that says “What happens after I submit the enrollment information” and print it out for your reference. Click Send Information when ready.

Regarding your state forms, many can be efiled through QuickBooks without enrolling. It all depends on your state, so I cannot comment about efiling state forms.

Once you have your 10-digit PIN and efile is set up in the Payroll Setup screen, you file your forms in the Payroll Center, File Forms tab. Click through the screens, it will ask for the 10-digit PIN. Save the information for future use. File the PIN in a safe place!

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