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How do your backups work?
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QuickBooks Online (QBO) has several backup procedures in place.

First, all of our data is stored on “mirrored” disks. Each time you add or edit your data, it is written to two hard drives, so that if one fails you will never notice as a user.

Second, we periodically copy all data to a third hard drive in order to protect against any problems that might affect the first two.

Lastly, we perform backups to tape each night. These tapes are periodically moved offsite to a secure location. The security of your data is our number-one goal, and we’ve put a great deal of thought and resources to ensure that we have a completely reliable system.

Of course, first and foremost, we have designed our application and our server architecture to help make sure we never need any of these backups.
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Answer ID 4879
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