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A JE is a great way to corrupt UF entirely. You are very lucky that this has not happened.

You can open that JE and document what they tried to do, then Delete it and recreate it correctly. For instance, if it was supposed to offset income and Not supposed to hit any bank, why did they post it to UF, to begin with?

You control how it impacts the data and the date, of course. And yes, you review what to do with the CPA.

For instance, that could have been a Check entry or A deposit entry and someone orphaned UF to begin with, and then someone else thought the right way to “fix” it was JE. And now, if you get rid of the JE, what happens to UF? Does it run negative or positive? This can be only one indication that something else was also wrong and not fixed, but “swept under the rug.”

I would search for that amount, in the date range, to see if I can put this in context to something else.

Resolution for Issue 'How to clean up AJE from 2008 that was entered to fix Undeposited Funds without changing prior year numbers?' available: Yes (Solved).
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