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Yes, it can be kind of confusing setting up multiple Credit Cards, but here’s what I’ve found works best. The most common setup for a bank account or credit card account with multiple cards associated to it is to have a parent account used for reconciling and then to have each individual card set up underneath as a sub-accounts. The only accounts connected to Downloaded Transactions would be the individual cards (sub-accounts).

It will look like this in the Chart of Accounts:
Parent (Reconcile) Account
John’s Card 3758
Peggy’s Card 3759
Jarrett’s Card 3760

If there’s an additional account that transactions such as payments come into, you may need to add one more sub-account like this:
Parent (Reconcile) Account
Payments – Fees Account (or simply Main Account)
John’s Card 3758
Peggy’s Card 3759
Jarrett’s Card 3760

This allows you to reconcile your bank’s statement to the Parent (Reconcile) Account since everything in your sub-accounts roll up to the parent in order to be reviewed at the same time.

Note: You won’t connect the parent account to Downloaded Transactions; if you do, you’ll either:

Get an error saying that the account is already connected
Get a message upon connecting new accounts asking if this is using an existing connection or a new login

Please let me know if that works, and thanks for being a QuickBooks Online customer- we’re here for you!

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