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“Recently upgraded to 2015 QB which is used on a cash basis rather then accrual and wants to remain that way.”

That is a reporting Option for your default, found in Preferences. You set this and change it as needed. It doesn’t control how you use the program. It controls how you view your data on reports.

“Bookkeeper creates an invoice, and upon receipt of payment from customer uses the customer payment screen. However, the entry is to the Bank Account rather than Undeposited Funds.”

This also is a setting you control in Preferences. You get to select this specifically, or you est the file just to use UF by default.

“Eventually the funds are deposited to the bank. For whatever reason, she will occasionally create a duplicate entry into QB in the manner described above for the same amount and customer and date.”

Well, that doesn’t make much sense. This person can be selecting UF right now, for every Receive Payment. Or, you go fix that Preference. Edit menu > Preferences, Payments.

“When reconciling the bank statement to QB is when these duplicate cash QB book entries were discovered ( and the misreporting of Income as well as Accounts Receivable.)”

Yes, duplicates make a mess of the data file.

“How can the duplicate entries be eliminated so Cash will be correct , Income reported correctly and Accounts Receivable balance actually reporting the difference between billed and paid? (even though Cash Basis is being used.)”

Edit the correct Receive Payments and select to have them go to UF.

Remove duplicate entries if they are done using Receive Payment.

If the person made Manual Deposit entries as income, then open those and use the Payments Icon at the top. Now the pending payments are here, for selection. Remove manual Income entries from the lines here; end with the same total for this date; the deposit will not even unreconcile.

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