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If I remember right the migrated administrator comes when you bring in a file from QuickBooks Windows. Perhaps you recently sent the file to your accountant? I guess you can’t just hit OK, right?

Or maybe you already had that user and password set up but you had remembered the password in your Apple keychain and because of that you weren’t getting asked to enter it.

If it is in your keychain and you haven’t changed computers it should still be there although occasionally the keychain gets corrupted. The first thing to try is a reboot of your machine, which sometimes straightens out the keychain. If that doesn’t fix it open the Keychain Access program (you can type it into Spotlight to find it). Click on the login keychain (top left) and the All Items category. Then in the search box on the top right type QuickBooks User. This will list all your QuickBooks user passwords.

Sort by Date Modified and then double click on each of them in turn. Click on the Show Password check box. You’ll be prompted for your computer’s admin password. Then you should see the passwords. Its a little difficult to tell which user is which but you can try them all.

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