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Steps to take if you are setup for email notifications and you’ve received an Intuit Data Protect Backup Failed email with the message “Out of disk space”.
Why this is happening

To successfully backup your files with Intuit Data Protect, you need to have at least two times the size of your biggest FileSet plus an additional 60MB of free space in C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorLocal SettingsApplication DataIntuitIntuit Data Protect.

For example, if the file or file set you are backing up is 1G, then you would need to have 2G and 60MB of space available.

To resolve this issue you should either free up space on your drive, move the file/file set you are baking up to a drive with more space, or move your IDP temp files to another drive.

How to fix it

Solution: Move your IDP temp files to another partition or drive.

Ensure your version of QuickBooks is on the latest update. To update QuickBooks automatically, follow these steps:
From the Help menu, choose Update QuickBooks.
On the Overview tab click Update Now.
Select the desired downloads in the Update Now window.
Click Get Updates to download the selected updates.
When the Update Complete message appears, click Close.
From the File menu, choose Exit.
Start QuickBooks and click Yes to the message to install the update.
Verify that you are on the latest release of Intuit Data Protect.
Open Notepad and type SymantecWorkingFolder=D:thefullpathtothenewlocation where D:thefullpathtothenewlocation is the location where you want to move your IDP temp files


If you want to move the files to a folder called IDPBackup on your D drive, you would type SymantecWorkingFolder=D:IDPBackup.

If you want to move the files to folder called IDPBackups that is in a folder called BusinessFiles on your D drive, you would type SymantecWorkingFolder=D:BusinessFilesIDPBackups

In Notepad, choose File > Save As.
In the Save as type field select All Files (“.”).
In the File name field type IntuitDataProtect.properties
From the left pane of the Save As window navigate to the user directory for Intuit Data Protect and save the file there.

In Windows Vista/Windows 7

C:Users\AppDataLocalIntuitIntuit Data Protect

In Windows XP

C:Documents and Settings\Local SettingsApplication DataIntuitIntuit Data Protect

Copy the Work and Temp folders in the user directory for Intuit Data Protect and paste those copies into the folder where you want to move your IDP temp files.
Your temp directory should now work from the new location and you should no longer receive the out of disk space error.

Resolution for Issue 'Intuit Data Protect Backup Failed: Out of disk space' available: Yes (Solved).
Source: Intuit Community forum.

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