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Yes these transactions were generated from the sales transaction (the same is true if I make an inventory quantity adjustment).  We operate on an accrual basis.  The sales booked ok against AR and have subsequently been paid.


I have attached a copy of the GL Inventory account.  The bill from the vendor was processed previously and is reflected in the balance at the top.  As you can see from the transactions (I entered an inventory adjustment today to show this) they still do not pick up a value.  If I run the inventory valuation report the values reflect properly in that report.  The purchase date is before the sale date for most transactions, however the purchase (vendor invoice) is in AP but has not been paid (terms are 60 plus days). I have attached the GL for AP showing this.

It does not matter if bills or invoices are paid or not for inventory valuation


Some questions that come to mind:

– In the Bill on 9/24 did you use the same item as you used in the invoices?

– When you set up the inventory item did you enter a quantity, but zero cost?

– Did you leave the default linked accounts (for COGS and Inventory) in the inventory item set-up screen?

A screen shot of the Inventory Detail report for this item would be useful

Resolution for Issue 'Inventory transactions show in ledger without a value' available: Yes (Solved).
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