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You attach to Answers, not comments.

You stated it right here: “I have been using an Invoice to send payment due to entities that have pledged certain funds.”

Yes, that is Right. You use an invoice for Accrual Basis, and that is also Pledge = Tracking needs. “To be Paid later.” This is AR.

You use Sales receipt = Donation = already got the money.

If you “have a deposit” that Is Not Income, if you meant to use Products and Services on Sales Transactions. You need to make the Sales Receipt now, or this is a Payment, not a Deposit, to be applied to the open Invoice, to show it Got paid.

Then it is part of Banking.

You don’t use the Register; a Register is your perspective of Transactions affecting that account. You seem to want to track by Customer Names. Banking deposit is Generic Banking; not Donation or Service Fees or Sponsorships or Membership Dues for Names. Names are used on Customer Transactions: Sales Receipt or Invoice.

“I can do that, but it does not make sense to me that the register would not show the proper Chart of Accounts for all the entries that I have matched to the imported bank record.”

You either Match this to the open an d unpaid invoice. You match it to the Sales receipt you already processed, typically in UF, but it also could already be seen in the Register, so you Match it.

Or, you don’t care about the details, because, for instance, you have some website handling all the details.

You cannot use Banking ONLY and expect to have Details.

“I did as you said, I generated a report to see where the $500 entry I detailed above ended up. The $500 deposit showed up on the report, and I click on it. I attach a screen shot. I see from this it is associated with the Invoice correctly, and Voila, the account column says Nonprofit Income, which is OK, but it should have been Donations:Corporate Donations.”

Then you listed the Wrong Charge Item on the invoice.

“But what is that column that says ‘Split’ and lists ‘Interest Income’. Where does that come from, and did I do something wrong to get this?”

“Split” simply means “More than one thing going on here.”

Did you make a deposit that consisted of interest and sales payments from UF?

Please see my attachments.

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