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It always helps to know the goal; not what has been tried but the WHY. Thanks.

Let’s take this a bit at a time:

“We open a new invoice when a new order is received. Once the order is filled, we change the invoice date to the day the order was completed and then send the invoice to the customer requesting payment.”

Okay, here is the problem that you have: The invoice is the date of sale. It should not be created and then edited like that. You are missing Sales Orders, because you have Pro. You can use Estimates but Sales Orders is the correct Pre-Sales transaction. You date the SO for the date you consider you entered or accepted or got this order, and the Invoice Date is the Fulfillment of that order.

Invoices are not meant to be used the way you are using them as pre-sales order management.

“Generally the customer pays within 30 days. We use the invoice date to track overdue payments.”

That is automatically taken care of using Terms.

“The collections and aging reports are working as expected. We are just trying figure out if there is a way to get the data out of QuickBooks so we can also as track how long it is taking to complete orders, with the clock beginning when the invoice is first created and ending when the invoice is submitted for payment.”

Yes, upgrade from Pro to one of the Premier Editions. If you also track Customer backorders, only 3 of those have this function: Retail, Manufacturing and Wholesale, and the Accounting Edition.

You really need Sales Orders for your operations. You bought the wrong program.


Resolution for Issue 'Is there a way to run a report showing the date an invoice was created in QB Pro desktop versions?' available: Yes (Solved).
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