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To start, I’m not a CPA, but I’ve passed all the tests, have the educational requirements and experience requirements. I’ll be submitting my packet by next month. So, I’m not quite there, but I’m also not just spouting off crazy advice.


If you convert your loan from a loan to a capital contribution it will change some ratios, in a good way, especially if you are seeking financing. As the company would no longer owe you the money, it would simply be an increase to your shareholders equity that would be a good thing. I would think that a bank would view the shareholder’s loan differently than a standard loan. As it is to you the business owner, and in a time of need, you could simply elect to not pay yourself. But if the bank cares, than convert it. The simple journal entry is:


Loan from Shareholder                     XXX

Owner’s Contribution                         XXX


Subsitute the names used in your own chart of accounts. This will fix your debt to equity ratio, in a favorable direction.


If you have a more detailed question on how to do this I can walk you through, just let me know. Too bad about your CPA being unavailable. I’ve been hearing a lot of them aren’t particularly good with customer service.

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