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I watched the video and you are confusing the “Match as I type” with “name not found.” Intuit JB is correct, but let me try, too. Sometimes it helps to learn something more than one way.

It cannot match as you type if the name doesn’t exist at all. That is why you do get offered a potential match at Cafe Rio. Potential = I got Close and it found something at the point I am still typing.

You Won’t get any offers for a potential match for CAFE O because it doesn’t exist in the data file; nothing beginning like this exists yet. Whether you are using the program’s interface directly, or from within this Banking Feeds, you still have to type it in full, if it doesn’t exist. Or;

The other thing you might be thinking of, is that if you partially put in CAFE O, and get the Doesn’t Exist, and select Set Up, you then get to enter it in full. Quick Add will use only what you partially entered. That is the difference in the buttons for Quick Add or Set up. Set Up takes you to the actual Add Vendor function (or, I like to use Other Names, since these people won’t be sending you a bill and they are not subject to 1099-Misc).

In fact, I like to use generic Other Names such as Misc Food. Why fill your lists with these names? I would not want every gas station in the Other Names List, much less as a Vendor name. I used the credit card, so I list the payee as Misc Fuel, and in the memo I note it was the LA trip or the WA trip.

To summarize, based on your question:

“I would like to know how add new Payee in this area because the AutoFill function”

it isn’t Auto-fill; it is “match as I type”

“is interfering by trying to guess the Payee from my vendor list.”

But that is exactly the point: Match as I Type is trying to be helpful. Do it like this:

Type it out in full.


Start typing CAFE, see a partial match, hit DELETE or Backspace to remove the rest that is matched, tab out.

Or, every list in the dropdown has NEW at the top. Don’t start typing at all, if you know this is new to your file. Click the dropdown, scroll UP to find NEW.

But you have to type it in full for Quick Add to work from ANY tool that allows you to do this, whether in the product’s interface or from Banking Feeds.

As for the Shift key being required for this to “match as I type” in the banking feeds, I am sorry but I tested that for my sample file and mine works fine. Perhaps you have a hot key or keyboard shortcut combo, or are working on a wireless keyboard?

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