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My Square Transactions Aren’t Importing
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Square has launched a new feature that now allows their customers to process split transactions (cash and check, cash and credit card). The new split transaction feature doesn’t integrate within QuickBooks at this time and it prevents customers from downloading their Square transactions. Intuit and Square are working on a new release for the integration to address this issue.

Until the new release is available, you can try the following:

A. Once you have one Square transaction with multiple payment forms, your Square integration will stop working all together, even if the rest of your Square transactions only have one form of payment. Below are the current work around steps:

1. Login to Square
2. Click on Sales -> Reports -> Sales Summary

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3. In QBO, manually create a Sales Receipt with the breakdown figures from the Square report.

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B. If you receive this error message “There was a problem preparing your QuickBooks file for import” Please check the steps below. This can happen anytime, one of those switches is turned to the”off” position.

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Check your settings. Go to Settings then select Sales in both the Sales from Content and Product and Services sections and indicate ON for each of the items highlighted in RED below.

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C. Connect to Square using Downloaded Transactions.

Follow steps in KB 6504 to connect to Square.
When you apply the batch deposit to Sales Receipt(s) or Invoice(s) add an expense transaction line to account for Square’s transaction fee.

D. Other troubleshooting steps you can try:

Disconnect and Re-Connect the Square App
Make sure there are no special characters in your QuickBooks company name or in your first or last name for your user:
To edit your company name click the Gear Icon> Your Account> Company Info
To edit your user first/last name click the Gear Icon> Manage Users

Answer ID 6760
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