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In trying to create your workflow, you’ve uncovered a significant bug in Quickbooks Mac – not just a difference between how QB Windows operates, but a doozy of a flaw. When you change the Customer:Job on an invoice – any entries made on that invoice should be cleared… they should not ‘stick’. It should be impossible to create a single invoice with multiple Customer:Job entries. The serious bug in QBM 2014 is that you don’t even have to look at a subjob for the same customer – but can completely change customers – and the items/expenses added to the invoice remain, even though they have absolutely nothing to do with the final customer being billed.

The reason that the above is what is supposed to happen (and is what has happened in QB Windows forever) – is that costs that are marked billable are marked billable to a Customer:Job… if they can be billed willy-nilly to some other Customer:Job or even another Customer – then the books are pretty much unauditable. The original charges will show as being billed to Joe Smith … but you’ll never be able to figure out that they were billed in fact to Susan Jones. The linkage is broken.

You are using Jobs correctly to track profitability of work done for a particular Customer. But, QB is designed to produce a single Invoice for each Customer:Job. If you want to aggregate multiple jobs for a single Customer… that is what Statements are for. You can go ahead and record each invoice for each Customer:Job so that all entries line up as they should and your job profitability reports can be generated as intended. Then, rather than issuing a stack of invoices to that Customer, you can issue them a Statement… and check the box for “Show invoice item details”. Each job will be listed, subtotaled, and with a grand total.

The downside of Statements is that, while the form can be customized and have logos and color added to make it a bit more attractive… the textual entries are just plain ugly… in every version of Quickbooks (Mac, Windows, Online). For example, a line showing a previous payment will have the ugly, all-cap “PMT” as the only text on the line, and you cannot do anything about it.


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