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To download a sample copy of a 1099-MISC. form, click here: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f1099msc.pdf

Get started early and order your forms right away to avoid the last minute rush!

You can order your 1099 kit through our IntuitMarket group, which also includes 1096 forms. It’s quick and easy!

Order by phone or online at:

Monday – Friday 8AM – 9PM EST


Note: If ordering supplies by phone, please mention to the customer care agent that the forms/supplies will be used with QuickBooks Online specifically, and not just QuickBooks. We want to make sure you get the right supplies the first time!

Returning forms/supplies

If you’re looking to return supplies or forms, in most cases a refund or credit may be provided. The decision is up to our IntuitMarket group.

Once you’ve spoken to our IntuitMarket group and a decision is made, don’t worry about returning the forms. The IntuitMarket group representative will likely ask that you destroy them and a new set of forms will promptly be mailed to you.

Frequently-asked questions about 1099/1096 forms:

Can I print my forms on blank paper using QuickBooks Online?

No. The IRS only accepts pre-printed forms. You have to buy them from Intuit, or another supplier.
Do I have to order my forms from Intuit for them to work properly?

These forms are government-issued and you may get them anywhere they’re sold. However, make sure the manufacturer states they’re compatible with QuickBooks. Unfortunately, the only forms we’re able to support alignment troubleshooting with are forms you’ve purchased directly from Intuit.
I’m having trouble printing my 1099. Where do I get help?

You’ll need to check our knowledgebase article KB 4786, Printing 1099/1096 forms. This will guide you through the steps and give you more troubleshooting links.

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