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The ability to generate and print 1099s is only available in QuickBooks Online Plus. To get more information about upgrading, see KB 3377.

Printing 1099s:

Note: You can also e-file your forms. See our knowledgebase article KB 4040, Intuit 1099 E-File Service, for more details.

Click Vendors from the navigation bar. At the top right, click Prepare 1099 and then, in step 3, click Print here.

Make sure you’ve already walked through Steps 1 and 2 before proceeding. One common error is that your Print 1099 button is missing. You won’t see this button if you have missing information, which is listed in red on the preview in step 2. Take care of this before proceeding to print.


2. If you’re ready to print, go to step 3, click Print here and you’ll jump to the Print 1099 and 1096 forms section. Walk through the on-screen steps to test your alignment.


3. Print a sample to check alignment.

If you have trouble with alignment, see KB 1113.

4. Load your forms and click Print 1099. Note: You must print 3 copies of the 1099 (for the vendor, your business, and the IRS).

Printing the 1096:

Form 1096 summarizes the information from the 1099 forms you’re sending and is only used by the IRS. It must accompany the 1099-MISC forms that you submit to the IRS. When you purchase your 1099 pre-printed packet, you’ll receive a 1096 form to fill out.

To prepare a 1096 form and its accompanying 1099-MISC forms:

Choose Vendors from the left side menu.
Click Prepare 1099
After you’ve verified that you correctly entered all the information for 1099s for the tax year, click Print 1096; you can also print a sample 1096.

Note: You can also e-file your forms. See KB 4040 for more info.

Other printing resources:

Troubleshooting 1099 printing and alignment
Retrieving and printing a prior year’s 1099 Form

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