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Printing in Mac OS X using Firefox
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This article is for printing issues with Mac while using Firefox. For printing issues in Safari, see KB 3148.

Required plug-ins
Alignment troubleshooting
Blank preview window

Required plug-ins:

To preview and print in Firefox for Mac, you’ll need to install the Firefox PDF Plugin for Mac OS X. The add-on is only necessary if you want to see the .pdf file in the browser window itself. Otherwise, you can ignore the pop-up message about the plug-in and download the .pdf file to the desktop, where you can view it using Preview or Adobe. If you wish to preview PDFs within the browser itself, then choose one of the options below:


Install the plugin from http://www.schubert-it.com/pluginpdf/
Restart Firefox.

This plugin is only free for personal or educational use. If using it for business purposes, it’s your responsibility to own the license if necessary.


First you need to make sure you’re running in 32-bit mode.
To check this:
• Close any running version of Firefox.
• Go to your Applications folder (or wherever Firefox is installed) and select Firefox.app.
• Press Command + I (capital letter I) to open the file info.
• Click to select Open in 32-bit mode.
• Close any open windows and start Firefox.
• Install the new add-on from this url: http://firefox-mac-pdf.s3.amazonaws.com/fx-quartz-pdf-1.2.0.xpi.
If you don’t see the Open in 32-bit mode option, you’re already running Firefox in 32-bit mode. In that case, simply go to the URL in step 3 to install the add-on.
Install the new add-on from this url: http://firefox-mac-pdf.s3.amazonaws.com/fx-quartz-pdf-1.2.0.xpi.

You may have to do the additional steps mentioned here.

Plugin Compatibility

When being prompted for plugin in order to print, but getting the message that the plugin is not compatibile with the Firefox version being used, Firefox has provided the following plugin checkup to look for compatibility.


This will allow users to check and keep up to date on plugins each time Firefox releases a new version.

Still having trouble?

If you’re still having trouble, check this article on Firefox’s help site to help you troubleshoot.

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Alignment setting and troubleshooting

If you are using a Mac with QBO and find your invoice’s right margin is cut off when printing, please adjust your printing setup and alignment in QBO. If that doesn’t fix the issue, check your settings in Preview.

Checking your printer setup for QBO:

Choose Transactions > Sales on the left navigation panel.
Click an Invoice to print.
Once open, click Print or Preview and then choose Print or Preview.
You will see a Print Preview screen that appears.
Click the Printer icon in your pdf handler.
Go to the Orientation section and make sure the Scale is set to 100%.
Make sure the Border dropdown is set to None.
Under the Scale field, make sure the next drop down has Paper Handling selected and that Scale to fit paper size is unchecked.

If you’re using Adobe 10.1.2 these options are slightly different:

Under Page Size & Handling
– Select Actual Size
– Select Choose paper source by PDF page size

Under Orientation
– Select Auto portrait/landscape

For a helpful visual guide to adjusting your settings on Mac, see this document.

Some users have also reported that this issue was resolved without changing any settings by installing an updated printer driver. Please visit your printer manufacturer’s website for support if you would like to try this.

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Blank preview window

If you’re seeing a blank preview window when printing from Firefox in OS X, it may be caused by an incorrect plug-in setting. To correct the setting:

In your menu bar, choose Firefox > Preferences > Applications
Find Adobe PDF Document in the application list and change its selection from Adobe Acrobat NPAPI plug-in to one of the other options: Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat or Preview.
Close the preferences window.

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