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Solution: Use QB MOBILE App – This worked for me – I could successfully change the Name of the Company. Folks who do not have an QB App for their Smartphone – I hope QBO will atleast take the time to fix the issue on their website.


  1. Open you QB App – Mine is a Apple App and hence the menu/options might be different for another platform based APP
  2. On the Main Page – The top left hand corner will have a menu option – Click on that and select Settings under HELP AND SETTINGS
  3. Click on Company Information option from the settings page
  4. You can change the company name from here and hit SAVE. Caution: Anyone using this page will be exposed to the worlds most FOOLISH edit check/Validation ever implemented – if your company url does not have a “HTTP://” in it – then you will be “pestered” to enter one – If QBO is reading this then please check how end user validations differ from your website to the mobile app. May be you can use some of this feedback to implement a better End User Experience. On the website you can easily enter www.companyname.com but in the app you must enter “http://www.companyname.com” – Not a big deal – Thank god at least there is very understandable message that is returned back to the user so they can make this change and move on
  5. Only for users who have Customer Address and Legal Address same as their Company Address – please note – you will have to use the slider on the app to turn these options to Green – Trust me – after struggling to understand why there are more validation errors – The app does not understand your default option from the main QBO website (Which is a checkbox) and hence – the app is expecting you to slide the option to set this value again to “Same as Company Address” – Okay Not a big deal as I was getting anxious to see if I could really change the name of the company using the App and not the website
  6. After passing through all the Edit Check/Validations (Lack of) – SUCCESS – The mobile app totally saved ME. It saved the company name. I quickly went back to the computer and logged into QBO and totally amazed to see that the changes are now reflected on the website as well.

While I’m annoyed at not being able to do what I wanted to do on the website and QBO giving back the most weirdest error message to being able to use the APP to change the company name was a complete save the day option for me

I encourage all the users who have face this issue and/or potentially searching for answers to doing something as simple as this – a quick read through this.

Quick Book Online – While the App has worked – I’m open to help your engineers troubleshoot the issue I had using the website. If you are interested please contact me if you’d like to resolve the issue with the website by using my case and my time – I’m totally open to that to help – since it will only benefit user community – WHO are all PAYING customers – Who would expect a service that complements your industry presence.

Resolution for Issue 'QBO – Cannot Change Company Name – Error: Payroll Service is currently unavailable. Please try again later or contact support.' available: Yes (Solved).
Source: Intuit Community forum.

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