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QuickBooks Loan Manager or Cash Flow Projector does not load with and there is no error message or you receive the following error messages when trying to access QuickBooks Help:

Internet Explorer cannot display the web page.
Page cannot be displayed

Why this is happening

You may be receiving this error if you are using Beta previews version or a new release of Internet Explorer 8.0 or later. This article describes how to check which version of Internet Explorer you are using and to change it, if necessary.
How to fix it

Note: Intuit does not support third-party beta software. Beta software is not recommended for installation on production machines (computers necessary for the operation of a business).

There are two ways to verify which version of Internet Explorer you have installed:

In QuickBooks: Press F2, then press F3 to open the Tech Help screen, and then click System Info to see your currently installed Internet Explorer version.
In Internet Explorer: Choose Help > About Internet Explorer.

*if you are Have Internet Explorer 9.0 (in Windows Vista or Windows 7), this can also cause error. Please Uninstall Internet Explorer 9.

Check your security settings:

For the Internet Zone, the default security level is Medium. At this level, Internet Explorer prompts you before downloading potentially unsafe content from an Internet site.
For the Local Intranet Zone, the default security level is Medium-low. Because this zone is used for browsing sites on the company network (Intranet), the lower security setting is usually appropriate. If you are concerned about this security setting, contact the system administrator at your company.

To change the settings:

Open Internet Explorer.
Choose Tools > Internet Options.
Click the Security tab.
Record the existing levels, then select Default Level for Internet and Local Intranet Zones.
Click the Advanced tab, select Restore Defaults, and then click OK.
Start the service process again.

Note: After the application completes, you can return to the Internet Explorer Security settings and reset the levels to their previous values.

Delete temporary and stored Internet Explorer files:

Open Internet Explorer outside of QuickBooks.
Click on Tools>Internet Options
Click Delete
Click Delete Files… for Temporary Internet Files
Click Delete Cookies… for Cookies
Click Delete History… for History
Reboot the computer

Resolution for Issue 'QuickBooks Loan Manager/Cash Flow Projector does not load or Error: “Internet Explorer cannot display the web page.”' available: Yes (Solved).
Source: Intuit Community forum.

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