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I can answer some of what you ask.  Since they are not opened yet, we are working thorugh the details now.  It is a small Cafe with mostly baked goods and drinks. Payroll is being done through Square but I will have to enter manually since I am not using QBO.  Inventory has not been worked out yet and I am not sure if I am going to be using a 3rd party software or Square.  It depends on the level of detail they want but at our meeting we should start to figure that out.


As we work through all of this, I need to quote them something and don’t know exaclty where to start.  Of course it will evolve but they need to have a starting point.  Thoughts?

Bakery – do not use inventory for products being sold.  You should use inventory for non perishable items, plates, cups forks etc that you buy in bulk. Perishable ingredients should just be posted to COGS when purchased.


Use service type items for any sales, the company should be using a POS system and all you do is enter daily summary sales.


End of week, have them give you a count of the non perishable things, actual counts need to happen at year end,  and maybe quarterly, but other wise they can just count full packages and approximate the open packages.


In QB, create a customer called inhouse, when you get the count, “sell” the items to the inhouse customer for a zero sales price – that reduces inventory and posts the costs of inventory “sold” to COGS


With all that in mind, set an hourly rate as suggested and let them know once things settle down, the rate will be adjusted, or moved to a flat monthly rate

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