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Recurring Credit Card payment FAQs
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What time of day are charges processed?

Recurring charges are processed automatically in the early hours of the morning. A day’s charges start to run just after 12:00 midnight (pacific time) and may take several hours to complete.

Why can’t I schedule a recurring payment to start on the same day I set it up?

Recurring charges are processed only once a day, shortly after 12am PT. So when you set up a recurring payment, you’ve already missed processing for that day. The earliest you can start is the next day.

When are funds deposited in my account?

Recurring payments are deposited in your designated bank account within a few business days. The time to funding is the same as for your other merchant account transactions.

What appears on my customer’s credit card statement?

Each time a recurring charge is processed, the transaction appears on your customer’s credit card statement. The charge description your customer sees is the same description that appears for all your merchant account transactions.

What do each of the frequency types mean? When will my customer be charged?

Below are detailed examples of each of the frequency types.

How can I charge a new customer a different tax rate?

If you create a new customer when you set up a new recurring payment and need to charge that customer a different tax rate, you must open QuickBooks and go to the recurring payment. Then you can change the tax rate.

How do I change the notification email address?

All customer notifications go to the address in the Customer information section’s Email field (at the top of the form). Your copy goes to the contact email address associated with your merchant account.

Answer ID 5945
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