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Sales tax in QuickBooks Online
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Great news! We’ve revamped how to manage sales tax to make it easier for you to collect, report and pay your sales tax.

Check out the new Sales Tax Center:

A new one-stop spot where you manage all your sales tax tasks
Add multiple sales tax rates, including combined rates
View sales tax liability reports that you can customize by date, agency and more
Record sales tax payments in the Sales Tax Center so you can see all your recent payments in one place

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Get started now with some of our frequently asked questions!

Questions before you begin:

KB 4717: Sales tax background, explanation and rates

KB 4718: Explaining single and combined sales tax rates

KB 5390: Sales Tax Center and users with custom access

KB 4730 Sales tax when importing from or exporting to a desktop edition of QuickBooks

Setup and implementation:

KB 6289: Setting up and tracking sales tax (including editing agencies and deactivating rates)

KB 6260: Default sales tax rate in QuickBooks Online

KB 4723: Changing your sales tax rate

KB 4719: Applying sales tax rates to transactions and sales forms

KB 2473: Adding sales tax to shipping charges

KB 6253: Marking a customer as taxable and viewing a Taxable Customers report

KB 5440: Deleting sales tax rates and agencies

Paying sales tax:

KB 4724: Recording your sales tax payment

KB 4733: Cash vs. accrual accounting and its effect on sales tax

KB 4725: My sales tax agency doesn’t show up on the vendor list

Connected services:

KB 4727: Third-party apps and sales tax in QuickBooks Online

For people who are already using sales tax in QuickBooks Online:

KB 4726: Transitioning to the new sales tax (for people currently using sales tax in QuickBooks Online)

KB 4728: Past payments don’t show up in the Recent Payments area of the Sales Tax Center

KB 5438: Invoices mistakenly created without sales tax

KB 5439: Older invoices created using new sales tax

KB 5449: Entering sales tax manually

KB 5442: Troubleshooting other problems with switching sales tax methods

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Answer ID 4731
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