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SMS Text Mobile Access for QuickBooks Online
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If you are receiving unwanted text messages, you can stop them by responding to the text message with the word STOP in all caps.

Great news! Now you can catch up on all your QuickBooks Online activities while on the run. All you need is an SMS-enabled mobile phone and you’re good to go.

To register for SMS Mobile Access:

Choose Company > Text Messaging Setup.
Enter your mobile number.
Click to select the terms of service checkbox.
Click Activate.

Now you just need to reply to the text you’ll get from QBO; reply instructions will be in the text message. When your registration is successful, you’ll receive another text message.

SMS message setup screen

Mobile Access Commands:

After you’re registered, you can send commands by SMS text to 917.300.0111.
Text us: Get this in response!
@qbo View a list of commands
@qbo todo Email Lisa Add “Email Lisa” to the Messages and Tasks section on the Home page
@qbo last View your most recent transactions

@qbo customer John

@qbo John
View John’s name, location and phone number
@qbo bal View your QBO bank balance
@qbo bal checking View the balance for the account named checking
@qbo dueinv View invoices that are due in the coming week
@qbo duebills View bills that are due in the coming week

Changing Mobile Settings

To change your mobile settings and see the command list:

Choose Company > Text Messaging Setup.
From here you can see your mobile number and click deactivate to stop receiving texts.
After you’ve deactivated, you can re-activate on this or another mobile number by entering the number and sending the text invitation.

Push Notifications:

You can set up the following text message notifications to be pushed to your phone, and each can be requested to be sent daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly:

Invoices Due
Bills Due
Bank Balances

Note: You can only use one mobile number for each QuickBooks Online company. Similarly, you can’t get alerts from multiple companies to one mobile number.

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Answer ID 4497
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