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Would it work to use them as subaccounts of one?  In QuickBooks Online, you can create a single credit card account for the Chase Ink Preferred Credit Card and then list the two accounts that were previously created under it.





In the example above, note that the sub-accounts are slightly indented and the sum of the sub-accounts is represented by the main account.  The desktop version would work the same way.


To create a parent account and change existing accounts to sub-accounts in QuickBooks Online:

1. Access the Chart of Accounts

a. Click the Gear

b. Under Lists choose All Lists

     c. Choose Chart of Accounts


2. Create the Parent account

a. Click New at the top of the Chart of accounts

b. Change the category type to Credit Card

     c. Change the Name field to something descriptive of the account. (my example has the name of the credit card)

d. Click Save and Close


3. Change the old accounts into Sub-accounts

a. Locate one of the original accounts

b. Click the arrow next to View Register for that account.

c. Choose Edit

     d. Click the is sub-account checkbox

     e. In the drop-down box, choose the parent account created in step 2.

f. Click Save and Close

    g. Repeat the process for the other credit card account.


I hope this helps, let me know if you get stuck at any point.



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