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“I have heard that the condense utility can actually end up losing the information all together. A QB rep told me that they see that a lot.”


I cannot speak to what Others see. I can tell you what I have done and know. It is not for the Faint-hearted, but I have used it fine. This is a relational database. As long as you do the housekeeping and keep a backup, you can run utilities, confirm if they worked or not, read the log messages, etc.


“So the ES accountant works how?”


It has the Period Copy function, which Does Remove data, instead of condensing it. That means you will need to Put Back missing info to be on track financially.


Period Copy = Subset.


“Are you saying we could pull out the last 3-4 years and transfer it into a new company file with ES Accountant?”


You can do that Now, with the Condense tool.


I am telling you about 3 different options:

Condense Utility and then select its DELETE transactions option, and set this for, from a date you specify and earlier. That is the Same as Period Copy, if you are keeping up to Current. Or, Condense and Keep all data, but some historic dated have no longer got Details = transactions are Condensed into Generic Journal entries.

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