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Supercondensing Quickbooks data files is now available for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Accountant versions 2007 and higher, and Enterprise 7.0 or higher. In addition to the US version, Canadian and UK versions of Quickbooks can be Super Condensed.

SuperCondensing a data file is an enhanced version of the Quickbooks condense where transactions prior to a cutoff date are removed from the data file. This will result in a small Quickbooks data file and improve speed and performance in Quickbooks. It will also make the file less prone to errors or corruption, and easily upgrade to newer versions of Quickbooks. A SuperCondense also lets you reduce the target counts to upload your data file to Quickbooks Online.
The advantages to SuperCondensing a data file are as follows:
1. Reduce the Quickbooks file size
2. Purge old Quickbooks data
3. Condense large file with inventory and negative inventory
4. Condense international versions of Quickbooks such as UK and Canadian files
5. Improved speed of Quickbooks
6. Improved performance of Quickbooks
7. Improved Report speed
8. Improved data file load times
9. Faster saving of transactions
10. Network performance improvement
11. Reduced list size
12. Reduced Target counts
13. Upgrade to Online versions of Quickbooks (QBO)
14. Reduced data corruption
15. Removal of temporary data
16. Removal of Audit Trail
17. Archival of old data
The Super Condensed data file is a scaled down version of the original data file and will only contain the fiscal years of data after the cutoff date. Since Intuit recommends Pro and Premier data files to stay around 500MB, and Enterprise data files to stay around 1 GB, a SuperCondense will compress or reduce the file size to under the recommended limits for Quickbooks to perform optimally.

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