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The convert control won’t install when I’m trying to import my .qbw file.
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To convert your QuickBooks desktop edition company file to QuickBooks Online (QBO) you will need to install our Convert control. Our Convert control is an ActiveX control, which is a small program that gives a Web application additional features.

For your protection, your browser may be set up to warn you before downloading such programs. Under certain conditions, you might run into problems and have to manually install the Convert ActiveX control.

Be sure you’re running Windows in 32, not 64, bit mode. To ensure this:

Choose Start Menu > Programs > All Programs.
You’ll see Internet Explorer 64 and Internet Explorer; choose Internet Explorer (NOT 64).
Sign in to QBO and try installing the convert control with the following instructions.

Convert Control ActiveX manual installation instructions:

Close all windows (Do not skip this step or this install may fail).
Open Internet Explorer.
Go to: https://qbo.intuit.com/c1/v16.558/qboimax9.cab
Click OK on the Security Alert Warning. (This may not appear for all users.)
Click Open or Run when you see a File Download dialogue box appear. (Which box you see depends on which version of Windows you are running)
XP users may see the following message: ‘The Publisher could not verify. Are you sure you want to run this software? Name: “qboimax5.cab”
Click Run if presented with this message.
Click Yes to continue when the QuickBooks Online Convert Active X Installation box appears.
Click the Unzip button. Do not click Run Win zip, change the path or remove the checks.
Click OK.
You should see the message “You have successfully installed the QBO ….”
Press any key to close the window.
Open Internet Explorer.
Go to back to the Startup Interview and begin the interview again.
In Section 3, select Yes, Import My QuickBooks Desktop Edition Data.
In Part A, Install the Convert Control, you should now see the message “Convert control installed.”
Continue through the interview to convert your data.

Answer ID 1670
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